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Can my dog stay for a trial day?

Certainly. We advise new clients to bring their dog for a trial day, before booking a longer stay. During this day, we as the carers watch to see if the dog has a pleasant experience while in our pet hotel, so the dog can have a fine and pleasant vacation later.

What’s the procedure for bringing my dog/cat?

On the scheduled day, bring your pet during the opening hours.

Dogs: one of our carers takes your dog to the pet hotel kennel. Unfortunately, you may not accompany him/her, as this is stressful for your own dog and the other dogs in the pet hotel. The dog will be left alone there for a short while to get used to the situation. Once the dog feels comfortable, we will look for a matching playmate.

Cats: one of our carers walks with you to the cattery. Your cat will be placed in one of our cages with some food and water. S/he stays there for two days under constant supervision of the staff. If all goes well, the cat is allowed out to prowl freely.

Can my dog/cat stay in the pet hotel if s/he needs medication?

A pet that needs medication is not a problem at all. If you specify when and how much medication your pet requires, our staff will ensure that your pet receives the medication in the proper manner.

Which pets do you accept?

- Dog

- Cat

What are the mandatory vaccinations required for my dog/cat before they can stay?

Dog: large cocktail, small cocktail and kennel cough administered by the nose drop method.
Cat: feline panleukopenia virus and cat flu.

NB: the vaccinations must be valid during the period of the stay.

What must or can I take with me when my dog/cat comes to stay?

It is mandatory to bring the pet passport of your pet. We shall look after it carefully during the stay, and you will receive it back when collecting your pet. You are more than welcome to bring along a basket or blanket for your dog or cat. If your animal has a special diet or medication, please bring it along in a sealed plastic container labelled with the pet’s name.

Are certain breeds not accepted?

We accept (almost) all breeds.

This is at the discretion of the employees of Dierenhotel 't Gooi.

My bitch is in heat, may she stay in the pet hotel?

We cannot take dogs in heat in the boarding house.

I have several dogs, can I bring them all to you?

Naturally. Large dogs are placed by us in pairs in the kennel. Small dogs sometimes reside three to a kennel. Dogs that come together are never kept apart unnecessarily.

What do you do if a pet becomes sick during the stay at the pet hotel?

If your pet becomes sick during the stay, we inform you as quickly as possible. If we feel it is necessary to consult a veterinarian, then we take action immediately and take your pet to our own veterinarian for examination and treatment if necessary. The cost of the consult is charged to you, as is any cost for treatment.

How do you search for a suitable playmate for my dog?

We look at size, age and behavior of the dog. We look for a playmate that matches your dog as closely as possible. For example: if your dog is playful, then we look for a playmate who also likes to play. If your dog is a bit older and prefers a rest? Then we search for another gentle senior. We ensure that it always remains fun for both dogs, so each dog can optimally enjoy his/her stay.

What do you feed the dogs/cats?

Cats: food from Hobby First: Feline. A complete cat nutrition, suitable for your adult cat. The food is characterized by the use of natural ingredients and is very tasty. It contains the correct daily quantities of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

How often do you feed the dogs and cats?

The animals we look after are standardly fed twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. If necessary, we can give them a third meal.

How often do you let the dogs out?

The dogs are let outside three to six times a day. How long the dogs can stay out each time depends on the weather and how busy the kennel is. The smallest period is 15 minutes, for example in the winter if it is freezing or raining. The maximum period can extend to 1 hour, for example if the pet hotel is quiet and the weather is lovely.

Why do you have paved outdoor exercise areas rather than grass?

As we have a constant flow of dogs coming through, we want to create an environment that is as hygienic as possible. Thus, your dog is staying in a clean environment, and none of them will get sick. Our paved play areas and daily cleaning make this possible.

How do you ensure that my dog eats (enough)?

We always feed the dogs separately. This prevents disputes and allows them to eat their meal in peace, without another dog taking anything away. If the dog does not eat well, then we stimulate his/her appetite by adding some tinned food to the chunks.

Will my cat be stuck in a cage permanently?

No. After two days of observing that the cat is eating and drinking well and is not showing any signs of stress, we let the cat out in the big space.

I have just got a puppy/kitten. Is s/he also welcome?

Your puppy/kitten is welcome from the age of 12 weeks. This is when puppies and kittens have been fully vaccinated and have built up enough resistance to be able to stay in a pet hotel.

How can I find the animal hotel on my navigation?

Our address is Goyergracht Zuid 15 in Eemnes. Your navigation may misdirect you to our address. Our advice is to take exit 9A of the A1 motorway. This is the exit of the well-known hotel, Hotel De Witte Bergen.

What are your general terms and conditions?

You can find the general terms and conditions here.

Can I come for a tour of the Dierenhotel?

During our opening hours you are welcome to drop in for a spontaneous tour. We advise you not to bring your dog or cat with you. This has no benefit for your pet, as any stay will be different. Did you know that there is a virtual tour of our Dierenhotel available? From the comfort of your sofa you can explore all the corners of our hotel. View the online tour here.

How can I make a reservation?

We ask you to make a reservation on our website. That allows us to process it directly in our system. Choose when filling in the form whether you are a new or existing client. If you would like to modify the reservation, you can send us an e-mail with your details and the adjusted data to

How can I pay?

When bringing or collecting your pet, you can pay in cash or by direct debit card. In the period from June 1 to September 1 we ask for a down payment of 30% for each reservation. You will receive a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail. Payment can be made by direct debit online (iDEAL) or during our opening hours (preferably) by cash or direct debit card at the counter.

My vacation plans have been cancelled, how can I cancel the pet hotel reservation?

We would appreciate being informed as soon as possible by telephone or e-mail if you wish to cancel your stay. Unfortunately, there are costs associated with this. If you cancel within 1 month before the start of the pet hotel stay, we shall charge you 30% of the total bill for the planned stay. If you cancel the reservation within 14 days before the start of the pet hotel stay, we shall charge you 75% of the total bill for the planned stay.

Can I get a discount?

- For a stay of one pet lasting at least 14 consecutive days or longer in the pet hotel and payment of the total bill in advance, you receive one pet hotel day free of charge.

- For a stay of two or more pets from one owner, you receive a 5% discount on the entire stay.