Dierenhotel 't Gooi - Four-star care for your pet
Animal hotel T Gooi Loader

Grant your pet a top-quality stay

Your pet is our VIP guest that deserves the best possible care. The small-scale character of Dierenhotel ’t Gooi and its clever design mean that your animal gets all the attention he or she deserves.

All the love and attention for the animals

For animals, staying in a boarding house is exciting, just like a child going to nursery. We make sure your animal quickly feels at ease.

Rest, space, regularity and hygiene

We happily take over the care of your pet when you are working or on holiday. With its rural location in ’t Gooi, the clean, spacious accommodations and the clear arrangement of the daily schedule give us the right to call ourselves a four-star hotel for dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

Impression of our hotel

Dierenhotel ’t Gooi stands on the same ground where love and attention have been given to animals for over 60 years. Since 2010 Bas Hanegraaf is the proud owner of the pet hotel. With his years of experience in animal shelters and caring for animals, he knows exactly how animals feel and how to make them happy during their stay.